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Our honey from our hives @ JILLIBY & BOURKE has NOT BEEN PASTEURISED or RADIATED

Honey health benefits

Great for colds and flu: honey, being naturally blessed with anti-inflammatory properties, is shown to have a palliative effect upon the pulmonary system as it is known to help with upper respiratory tract infection. It is known to smoothen irritation caused by phlegmatic deposition.

Immune-boosting properties: There are myriad causal links, which one can draw, to explain honey’s immune-boosting properties but the presence of pollen which carries immunomodulating properties is one such factor as pollen from various plants has been shown to bolster the human immune system.

Good for urinary tract infections: It has been shown that mild urinary tract infections can be treated with administration of Eucalyptus honey. Various studies show, without any ambiguity that eucalyptus and other types of honey can, to a certain extent, block the growth of bacteria, for example, E-coli.

Wholesale honey in stock

Blue Gum Honey

Blue Gum is superb honey that has a dense and smooth texture with a mildly refreshing eucalyptus flavour. Classic breakfast honey; we love Blue Gum as a topping on crumpets, croissants or drizzled over muesli or porridge & YES also a great topping for ice cream!

Natural antibacterial properties: Bluegum honey, as well, is known as a natural antibacterial as it contains hydrogen peroxide which is a naturally occurring antimicrobial compound and certain other additive factors, as such as it?s low moisture retention capacity, low pH level (on the basic side of the strip) and variegated antioxidant actions, all of these factors combined together, lead up to swift healing, and duly contain the further spread of bacterial infection.

Blackbutt Honey

Pure Blackbutt Honey The trees grow in moist soils, usually near riverbeds. The honey is typically collected during December to February. Blackbutt honey is a dark coloured honey with a unique rounded and full-bodied flavour unlike any other Eucalypt honey and is a favourite among our customers.