My journey with honey-making goes way back, many years ago.

It started when my dad was breeding Queen Bees at the backyard of our village house. One of my earliest childhood memories is when I was only 4 years old. It was a warm spring  day, and I was playing around the back of the house, fully naked, when I noticed my father was dressed up with his beekeeping protective gear, from head to toe, and headed towards the beehives. I followed him curiously, watching each and every step he made.

As he walked along, I noticed how he used to check where the best flowers and trees were for making our pure honey, inspect the beehives and pay attention to each and every little detail. At some point, as the bees were humming all around my father while he pulled one of the frames out of the hive, I asked him, “what are you doing dad?”. He turned around in surprise and realised I’m standing right there next to him, fully naked and surrounded by hundreds of bees. I remember the shock on his face, but I really didn’t mind the bees at all.

My favourite toys were dad’s hive tools and a smoker. Clearly, the protective gear didn’t seem to be necessary to me. I already knew back then that honey-making would be an essential part of my life.

Dolfi Benesh