Manuka Honey

Australian Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is tea tree honey, from coastal areas, which gets tested in a lab to make sure MGO content is meeting Manuka requirements levels.
Usually above 90 MGO as a minimum to be a 5+ and up.

The images are for illustration purposes only. The honey may arrive In a liquid or solid form.

Why is honey sometimes turn solid?

Honey tends to take on a white, solid appearance over time. It doesn’t mean that the honey is not good; actually, HONEY DOESN’T EXPIRE! But it can change its shape. In the honey industry, this process is called crystallization (or settling). This is a neutral process, meaning you are likely to have genuine raw honey, which is safe to eat.

To change the state of honey from solid to dripping, simply place the jar in warm (NOT HOT) water.